The return of the 'Strange Birds'

Ole Tersløse has reasumed the series of 'Strange Birds' for the Planet Art Project - an exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin during the Berlin art week held on occasion of the 10 year anniversary of NABU International Foundation for Nature.

The series of 'Strange Birds' shows birds of an unknown species meticously rendered in 3d computer programs.

The title of the series tricks the viewer. Actually it is the whole constellation between the birds and the humans resembled by deprived pilots that is strange. In Ole Tersløse's works animals and humans change behavior patterns and seem able to interact in unnatural ways and maybe even communicate with each other.

On one hand these farytale-like  scenes challenge the scientifically accepted view on nature, but on the other they emphasize that humans are part of nature too and that the gap between mankind and nature may be our own cultural construction.