"In short, this is a postmodernism that, as in a dream, does not shy away from incoherence or contradiction and allows for a touch of madness. In the words of Diderot: "There is no great artist who has not received a hammer blow to the head.""


The art historian Itzhak Goldberg about Ole Tersløse's art.

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"At the Paris exhibition Tersløse shows how the worlds of the photograph and the painting are woven together. The paths of fiction and reality, lies and truths, and the immediate and the universal perspectives cross one another drawing the viewer into a strange artistic universe."


Former principal of the Royal Danish Academy of Art, Else Marie Bukdahl about the exhibition "Virgin Runway", Paris, 2001.

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"These are dream images which are not paintings, they are a new surrealism for a new media, the computer."


Art critic Torben Sangild about Ole Tersløse´s art. From the book "Squirting With Whales. Themes of Communication and Affection in Ole Tersløse's Art".

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