Les Monumentoiles

Les Monumentoiles shows large scale reproductions of a small group of selected artists at outdoor exhibitions at different locations in France. Ole Tersløse has contributed with two of his works.

Homeostasis Lab

Homeostasis Lab is a digital environment, established as a democratic data pool of art.

The Lab is a constant and timeless “work in progress” and runs through a collaborative open system of artists, art thinkers, museums and institutions from different places all over the world.

Ole Tersløse joined the group in 2015.

The book de los muertos

The book de los Muertos by Giovanni Cervi consists of interviews with young international artists. They are all asked the same questions about religion, dreams, their thoughts about death etc.

Skive Museum of Art

Ole Tersløse's works are highlighted in the manifesto from Skive Museum of Art.