"Hailing from Hjørring, Denmark, Ole Tersløse studied painting at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen before developing a practice in computer-generated imagery in both two and three-dimensional formats. Smooth and downright uncanny, Ole Tersløse's aesthetic has won him international recognition and acclaim, including grants from The Danish States’ Foundation for the Arts (now the Danish Arts Foundation) and the Jens Ejnar og Johanne Larsens Foundation. He has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world, including a 2013 solo show at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art"

Noah Becker, Whitehot Magazine, 2017


Most of the visual components in Ole Tersløse's works are made from scratch in the same computer programs used in creating special effects for films such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar. He presents a digital "Model World" that may seem realistic from a distance, but when examined closely appears fabricated.

Concept and technique go hand in hand in Ole Tersløse's works. Illusion inducing computer programs are Ole Tersløse's laboratory where he creates digital Model Worlds, knowing full well that the models refer to a shared perception of reality which is not necessarily founded in any absolute truth about the world. If definitive insight into reality is impossible as all realizations are prey to misinterpretations, then the images we create of the world can never be truthful.