Lost in Time and Space

The “Runaway Children” series shows computer created children that literally speaking are lost in time and space. Isolated in a greyish space revealing nothing about “when” and “where”, the children are caught in situations they cannot fathom and that plunge them into a kind of existential confusion - exactly as a runaway child is.

A small boy looks up at his unnaturally tall brother, whose head is covered by a cloud. So the younger boy cannot interpret the intentions of the older one, who remains a puzzle to him. Another child sits on a cloud attempting to fish, but his line isn't long enough to reach the water below. He fishes aimlessly in the empty air. A boy meditating finds the growth process has short-circuited, and his head dissolves in a mushroom cloud.

The children seem lost in time and space - trapped in a climate of fear and confusion without the opportunity to understand and deal with the conditions that determine their lives.