Northern Jutland pupils

"Pupil" originally meant “little girl” referreing to the tiny reflection of yourself you see, when you look into another person´s eyes. The person in “the pupil” (or “the pupil” - the little girl/boy, you see in the other person´s eye) is a manipulated “clone” of myself.

Northern Jutland is a very remote part of Denmark, but it is there Ole Tersløse lives - and make his connections to the rest of the world. In some pictures, he tries to break out of the “Northern Jutland eye” - out of the remote place. In other pictures he seems to have resigned himself to living in the Northern Jutland world.

The landscapes are real Northern Jutland landscapes, but they are circular deformed, so you cann´t “get into” the remote world. On the other hand, the artist seems to have difficulties getting out.

As an exception there are very few artificial objects made from scratch in the computer. Most of the elements are manipulated real-world photographic material."