Communication and muteness

The series It’s Human – Nature shows Man and Animal in surrealistic constellations where often humans in their folly are shown trying to help or communicate with nature – e.g. by attempting to pull a buried elephant out of the desert sand with a rope or by trying to interpret a message in the pattern of a snake skin.

The title is open to interpretation:

The hyphen may connect human and nature. As such it is human nature to transfer/project human characteristics on to animals and try to interact with them the way we would interact with other human beings.

On the other hand – the hyphen could also be interpreted as a sign of separation between human and nature, showing the gap between man and nature due to our alienation from nature through civilization.

This gap becomes even more distinct when you realize that the animals and the landscapes in the pictures are not photographic elements, but built from scratch in 3d 3D computer programs. We no longer seem able to confront ourselves with the real world but can only interact with it through theoretical constructions.