"Squirting with Whales - Themes of Communication and Affection in Ole Tersløse's Art" gathers major works from Ole Tersløse's production from 2010 - 2014. It has a comprehensive introduction/essay written by the danish art critic, Torben Sangild.

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"The Book de los Muertos" by Giovanni Cervi consists of interviews with young international artists - among others Ole Tersløse. They are all asked the same questions about religion, dreams, their thoughts about death etc.

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"Human - nature" features the series "Human - nature" that Ole Tersløse showed as a solo exhibition at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in 2013. It has an comprehensive essay by Jan Esmann - a danish visual artist with an MA in Modern Culture and Arts and a B.Sc. in Conservation.


"The sky is the limit" gathers major works from 2010 -2014 in excellent print quality. The book has an introduction written by Itzhak Goldberg, who is an senior lecturer at the Uinversity of Saint Etienne, and an art critic at Beaux Arts Magazine.