Alter in The Woods

Ole Tersløse will build a tall outdoor installation named "Altar in the Woods" in Skovsnogen Art Space - a danish outdoor museum of art.

Ole Tersløse's installation may look like a camp fire but the flame on top of the wooden structure is also a head having the lineament of the shamanistic inspired meditation trainer Sille Lundquist, who made retreats in the swedish wilderness trying to reconnect people to nature.

Skovsnogen Art Space is located in a forest south of Herning in West Jutland, and Ole Tersløse's Altar will be placed in a clearing in the woods and serve as a kind of meditation spot, too. Around the Altar there will be stumps of trees, where people visiting Skovsnogen can settle down and try to find inner peace and harmony themselves. Maybe they will think about (or even meditate on... ) the questions that the monument raises, too:

Are we able to reconnect to nature even though we are alienated by our own culture and often feel a gap between ourselves and the nature we originate from?

How deep and profound is the connection between a monument and the subject matter it represents? The fact that the flaming head is resting on a fragile wooden structure instead of af a base of stone, suggests we cann't represent the world in a reliable manner. The imagery we create will never reveal definitive insight into reality, and therefore a monument for a real world person will be a perishable and not an everlasting visual statement.

Who are the prophets we should worship? They have all been biological organisms visiting Earth for a limited time like Sille Lundquist, and maybe all the people that inspire us and try to help us getting af deeper and more heartful connection to our own lives deserve a kind of monument.



Computer visualization of the installation that will be finished october 2018.